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Daniel Johnston’s “Story of an Artist”

30 Sep


Association for Experiential Education video

29 Sep

interview of Clifford Knapp (the guy who wrote about his adventures in teaching through community contexts…. chapter one from reading)

26 Sep

here’s the link to Journal of Ordinary Thought, y’all.  The ‘insert link’ button is grayed out (unclickable). Any thoughts?

Yoko Ono: favorite artist

24 Sep

Yoko Ono (1933-present) is an artist and musician who was originally associated with the Fluxus movement. She often works through text and writes instructions for works of art:

(painting for cowards) (1961)
Drill a hole in a canvas and put your hand out from behind. Receive your guests in that position. Shake hands and converse with hands.

You can read more here: or buy her book, Grapefruit, which is full of hundreds of instructions:

Yoko Ono also does sculptural art which is interactive or instructional, plus collaborated with John Lennon on many pacifist political pieces:

24 Sep


24 Sep

local resources

Will Cotton Powerpoint

24 Sep

Spray paint resources

22 Sep

Here are a few places online, where i order my spray paint from. Enjoy 🙂
FYI: The spray paint brands that art stores/ art website sell are about half price on these sites.