Malika Agueznay

6 Oct

Contemporary Moroccan Artist

Malika Agueznay’s paintings feature intricate interweaving and overlapping organic forms which she calls “algae.” Her work is often abstract, and sometimes representational, but always full of movement.

She is greatly influenced by Arabic script and calligraphy, which used traditionally to beautifully decorate Moroccan architecture.  Her “algae” forms often feature stylized Arabic script of her own shape and design. When she uses this script it is always with the same five words: Peace, Love, Compassion, Modesty and Generosity.

Malika Agueznay began using these words in her art as she felt the traditional Moroccan values these words represent  are being eroded in of her country’s contemporary culture .

Her work is about the profound messages of beauty, sincerity and gentleness.


  • educated at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Casablanca
  • has exhibited works in solo and group exhibitions since 1986 in Morocco, USA, Japan, Syria, Tunisia, Paris, Poland, Spain, and Iraq
  • works in oil on canvas and etchings

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