Twenty Years Ago…

6 Oct

the Berlin Wall fell

BREAKTHROUGH is an art organization with its inaugural project celebrating 20 years of German Unification

in their Mission Statement they say,

“Breakthrough Art Organization provides a platform for communication, collaboration, and motivation among artists around the globe who, through their art, aim to overcome economic, political, social, environment, health, personal and other challenges.

Breakthrough Art Organization facilitates educational outreach to students of all ages, and to the general public, by bringing them together with artists — physically and through the Breakthrough Art Organization’s website — to engage in a dialogue around the intersection of art with key values such as freedom of expression, courage, truth, optimism, endurance, commitment and risk-taking.”

the blog which includes a little more about what this group is about

the artists

ideas for curriculum

if you have time, watch this.  it is a film introducing the artists.  they have some interesting and meaningful things to share.  good for inspiring students.

as well, the npr article that led me to the organization has an audio file that tells the story.  worth listening to but to note: it repeats the written article.  i would suggest listening to the file instead of reading it.  it’s more fun that way.  🙂


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