Hip Hop Activism

13 Oct

X Plastaz Swahili rap/ hip hop from Africa

  South African Hip Hop  Mr. Devious, For the People (still breathing)

Mr. Devious Trailer

http://www.bhurt.com/ More than a filmmaker, Byron Hurt is an anti-sexist activist who provides cutting-edge male leadership, expert analysis, keynote addresses, and workshop facilitation in the field of sexual and gender violence prevention and education.

-Looking at the hip hop activism of Africa, South African Hip Hop Activist Mr. Devious anti gangsterism. Using Hip Hop as a platform for positive change…

-taking that and applying it to Hip Hop in America, how are men and women portrayed, what it the message that is being portrayed in the music. How can we change that message… This is a pdf. of Byron Hurts resource guide for Beyon Beats.

Artist that are related to this would be http://www.myspace.com/mustafamaluka Mustafa Maluka.  Here is a web sight that he founded http://www.africanhiphop.com/

Hip-hop culture which on the Cape Flats can be traced back to the Eighties and groups such as Prophets of da City and Black Noise, which are still involved in grassroots activity with youngsters — has been the saviour for many people in ghettos filled with button-smoking-induced apathy and gangsterism. Maluka feels it instilled in him a “do-it-yourself attitude”, which saw him hold his first solo exhibition (Melanin Millennium) at the Mau-Mau Gallery in Cape Town in 1997. But it wasn’t just hip-hop. Maluka points to a politically conscious family and a father who started off as a bricklayer and is now a teacher studying towards his doctorate as further inspiration: “My father was the person who taught me about social constructions, this was before I even knew what it was. Then I started doing my own research and started reading philosophy, psychology, cognitive dissidence, which in some ways have led me to the themes I examine now.” (taken from a blog on Maluka, http://africanpainters.blogspot.com/2006/11/shifting-forward-through-art-mustafa.html)

C5 Inner city camp

This is just a sort of random video of a Camp in Boston for kids, there is one interveiw with a young boy on here that talks about gang violence and it is really strong. Basically i think it is just a tag off of Byron Hurt, raising up youth that can be good leaders and positivly give back to their community etc.This is more a picture of what i think we can do in the classroom with our students, give them a place to be safe, a place where they know they are cared for and important etc.


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