20 Oct

Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992)

Born in Rome, emigrated to Brazil.

Linda Bo Bardi was an important architect in the creation of Brazil’s identity and whose highly diverse and important work remains largely unknown outside of her adopted home of Brazil. Born in Rome in 1914 she emigrated to Brazil in 1946 where she practiced until her death in 1992. Her practice began as an assistant in Milan for Gio Ponti where she worked on town planning projects. She also worked on fashion and industrial design projects and wrote for the journal Domus. In 1946 she travelled to Brazil with her husband, art critic and art dealer, Pietro Maria Bardi.

Her work in Brazil left a mark on cultural life, architecture, fashion, design and theatre. Her interest in simplicity and extensive knowledge of architectural construction allowed her to develop many new and expressive projects to Brazil. She placed a highly personalized touch on every project she designed. Rather than following current ideas of post-modernism and international style, she chose to practice what she called anthroplogical architecture, simply put a focus on respect the people who will use your design. Bo Bardi’s style had an elegant ability to combine modern trends with the traditional culture of Brazil.

The sport and cultural centre SESC-Pompeia Factory (1997) is one of the largest projects that fully represents her architectural concepts. In this project she covered a abandoned steel factory in Sao Paulo into a multi use cultural center. In addition to converting the grounds, she also built two concrete towers on adjacent land to house a sports complex. The complex now has bocome hugely sucessful, and now contains theaters, gymnasiums, a swimming pool, snack bars, internet cafes, leisure areas, restaurants, galleries, workshops and other kinds of public services.

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