Dubai’s Designs

20 Oct

Dubai is located on the northern tip of the United Arab Emerites on the Persian Gulf. The rather small city has a population of 1.6 million people and a $37 billion USD economy based largely on trade, manufacturing and financial services. With a focus on business and tourism, the city is ramping up construction on an unprecedented level. In fact, Dubai is said to be home to 15% to 25% of the world’s 125,000 construction cranes. The city has gained world-wide attention in the past few years because of its booming economy and ambitious architectural projects.

Burj Al Arab:

These proposed projects are destined to change the face of global architecture.

Architect David Fisher is the designer of the ‘DaVinci Rotating Tower’, one of the most innovative an unique buildings to be built in Dubai. The 250 meter tower will allow each floor to rotate freely allowing the building to shift its shape. In between each floor horizontal wind turbines will allow the building to produce energy.

Trump Hotel – Real estate mogul Donald Trump is also part of the architectural plans of Dubai, along with Nakheel Hotels he plans to build a 255 meter ‘Trump Hotel’ on a man-made island in Dubai. With 60 stories, the 5 star hotel will also house some luxury apartments. the building has been designed by Atkins Architects.

The design for Abu Dhabi’s Performing Arts Center was conceived of by Zaha Hadid. the building is meant to house music, theatre and dance, located on Saadiyat Island along with the New Louvre and Guggenheim Museum’s. the Island was intended to be a ‘beacon for cultural experience and exchange’ by Abu Dhabi’s ruler, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan.

‘Dubai Towers’ is the centerpiece for the large ‘Lagoons’ development. the buildings and the development were all conceived of by TVS. The four towers range in size from 54 to 97 floors and were inspired by the flames and movement of candlelight.

‘The Apeiron Hotel’ will be a 7-star hotel built on an island off of Dubai. The arched 185 meter tall hotel will cost $500 million USD. It will have 350 luxury suites that will only be accessible by yacht and helicopter. Designed by Sybarite UK, the hotel features its own lagoon, beaches, cinemas and at gallery.


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