Javier Sensiain

20 Oct

A Fanciful Approach to Architecture

Mexican Architect.  Key artist in Bioarchitucture, “organic architecture.” Inspired by organics and nature, Javier Sensiain aims to create synchronized harmony between human habitation and the natural world.

Arquitectura Organica – Artist Website






His architecture wraps around elements such as:

  • Sustainability, healthy, and diversity
  • Satisfy social, political, and spiritual needs of all involved in the work
  • Be Unique
  • Grow from within
  • Youth, Play and Surprise


The Nautilus 2006, Mexico City

Featured in: Trendir A Whimsical Approach

Analogies & Inspirations

Much of his architecture and design is based upon visual culture.  Much of his work is clearly inspired by wildlife, plants, aquatics, organic forms. However, Javier Sensiain incorporates imagery from historic and popular culture as well.  Including cartoon figures such as Mickey Mouse and  Squidward and famous art work. To the finest detail in every building, Sensiain creates fantasy, playful experience for all participants.







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