Ken Yeang

20 Oct

Hong Kong

Ken Yeang is an ecologist, author and a respected architect. He is best known for his “bioclimatic skyscrapers,” environmentally conscious high-rise buildings. Being an ecologist is essential, he believes, to his work as an architect because “the ecologist has a much more comprehensive and holistic view of the world.” Ken Yeang endeavors to connect the human built environment more closely to nature.

Integration Philosophies:

Physical- how a building relates to the physical area, plants, topography

Systematic-using water responsibly, etc. for less waste (ideally no waste)

Temporal- integrating the rate we use resources



Fusionopolis is a 15-story building will be 1.4 Km high, and boast of a ‘green infrastructure.’ The building will be home to the longest continuous vertical stretch of vegetation of any building in the world. A vertical spine of planting will rise up through the building, and landscaped garden terraces will be located on each floor of the building. The vegetation will help in passive cooling and insulation. The vegetation will also improve the sense of well being of the residents.

Natural daylight will be directed into the building interior by prisms which deflect the sunlight as it hits them. The drainage and irrigation system will also integrated green features. The whole building will function as an ecosystem, and strive to strike a balance between the organic and inorganic elements so as to make the building work like a living system.




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  1. » Future Bioclinical Skyscapers by Ken Yeang | - August 30, 2011

    […] Ken Yeang is an architect-planner, and one of the leading ecodesigners, theoreticians, and thinkers in the field of green design. After having studied architecture at the Architectural Association in London, his work on the green agenda started in the 70s with his doctoral dissertation for the University of Cambridge on ecological design and planning. Yeang is the author of several books on ecological design, and the design of green skyscrapers including The Skyscraper, Bioclimatically Considered: A Design Primer (1996) published by Wiley-Academy, The Green Skyscraper: The Basis for Designing Sustainable Intensive Buildings (1999) published by Prestel (Germany), Revinventing the Skyscraper: The Vertical Theory of Urban Design (2002) published by Wiley-Academy. He holds the Chair of the distinguished Plym Professor at the University of Illinois and Adjunct Professorships at the University of Malaya and University of Hawaii and recently received a D.Lit. (Hon) from the Sheffield University. A principal of Llewelyn Davies Yeang (UK) and its sister firm, Hamzah & Yeang (Malaysia), Ken Yeang is regarded as the father of the ‘bioclimatic skyscraper’, and is well known for designing signature green buildings and master plans, and for his pursuit of an ecological aesthetic in his designs.via […]

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