Skip Schukmann

23 Oct

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So here’s another architect I thought y’all might like

Skip Schukmann lives in California.  He makes one of a kind works for clients on commission (which I’ll admit, I find a little frustrating and a bit at odds with his philosophy and process, but I’ll let it slide because the work is so beautiful).  He expresses frustration with our materialistic, marketing nature, and thinks we need to get back to a place where we can be satisfied with the world around us.

When a client contacts Skip to work on a site, he tries to use only the natural materials including sticks, dirt, rocks, water, and anything else he can find there.  As a last resort, he will import materials but even when he does this, he tries to use materials that someone else is discarding.  He also uses natural processes to construct his work, including fire and water power.

What I find most interesting in looking at his images, is that sometimes you can hardly tell that the work is there.  It still looks primarily like the surrounding landscape, just maybe a little more human-ly organized.  The type of structures he builds depend on the needs of the client, but for the most part, they are spaces for meditation as opposed to living spaces.

I could not find a website.  He seems to like to lay low.

I found him in a book, and I’ll put the link to that book here:


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