Needel Felting,yo!

17 Nov


Needle felting is the process of combining wool through intertwining the fibers with the use of specialized barbed needles and without the use of water.This can be done in a 2D of 3D fashion and it’s fun and easy to do!

Wet felting is layering wool by processing it with water to create a sheet or piece of felt. It requires no needles or sewing Once you get a large piece of felt, you can then use a pattern to sew something like a felt hat for example. At that point, you might use needle felting to embellish by applying pieces of wool and pushing the fibers into the felt to create a design.

***Felting must be done with real wool fibers or roving(unspun wool from a sheep. Sheep don’t die from this tho so don’t be sad!)***




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