Adobe exemplar

8 Dec

This exemplar illustrates how to convert a digital photograph to fully editable vector image.

I will go through this procedure in class, step by step.

For your review, you may download a web version here and a print version here.

Here is a sample of how you can utilize this process from my website.

I used a fabric that artists have renamed as ‘parachute paper.’ There really is no 1 specific fabric. Rather, it is a small range of insulating fabric. You can purchase what I use by phone, here:


It is called: polytab 20r 60″ nonwoven

catalog # white 16012,r82

Currently, it costs $1.05/yrd and takes two weeks to ship.

I used a low-cost adhesive available at hardware stores. It is intended for gluing carpet to walls. If you get any bubbles during installation, just make a slit with an exacto knife and press the fabric down.


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