8 Dec

Safe, Easy, DIY fabric dyeing.

*your fabric must be washed before this process. Dirt and oil will keep it from ‘taking’ dye.

1. Buy *fair trade* coffee.

2. Brew coffee.  For those of you who do not use coffee as a survival method, the easy ratio for brewing a pot of coffee is to use ‘x’ tablespoons of ground coffee and ‘2x’ cups of water.

3. While coffee is brewing, put 2 tablespoons of regular table salt in a bucket that is large enough to hold your fabric and your coffee.  Use more salt if you are dyeing a large amount of fabric.

4. Wet your fabric.

5. Pour coffee into bucket with salt, and stir until salt is dissolved.

6. Submerge fabric in dye bucket.  Stir occasionally.

7. Give fabric at least 15 minutes to take coffee color.  This is usually about as dark as it will get.

8. Add 1/4 cup vinegar to your dye bucket, with fabric still in it.  Stir.  This works like soda ash in tye dyeing–it sets the color so it will not fade and bleed as much when you rinse it.

9. Leave fabric in dye for another half hour, stirring occasionally.

10. Remove and rinse fabric.

11. This and other dyeing processes can be used in combination with different resist techniques such as batik and shibori to obtain different designs.

If you want to use the leftover grounds, they can be used to dye again, or here are some other suggestions:

Coffee Ground (Re)Uses


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