Inspirational Green Artists!

8 Dec

Here are some cool inspirational, eco-conscious work…

1. 70s building rehabbed in rainbow skin

Murtinho + Raby Arquitectos transformed an old grey 70s building in Santiago, Chile, into a vibrant new space. The rainbow-hued building is home to Caja de Compensación Los Heroes,which is a non profit institution whose role is to help retirees through small loans. The colorful panels on the outside work to trap solar energy using UV ray filters that protect the inside of the building from heat, thereby cutting down on air conditioning usage and costs. The panels required much less materials and energy than tearing down the existing structure or erecting a new one.

2. Holiday tree made out of shopping carts

The 2010 tree is made out of mostly full size carts with some smaller versions at the top to create a forced perspective of height. The 86 carts are supported by an internal structure that remains nearly invisible, allowing the carts to seem like they were merely stacked atop one another and left in that perilous formation.

“The shopping cart tree symbolizes both generosity and abundance, as well as acknowledging those less fortunate where their whole world may be housed in a cart. We see shopping carts every day and take them for granted. Individually the beauty of an everyday object may become invisible, but in quantity you can’t miss it,” says Anthony Schmitt of his design.

3. Affordable housing made from shipping pallets!

Schnetzer and Gregor from Austira, built upon what they learned from constructing modular pallet houses, and built these affordable housing in Johannesburg using shipping pallets. The pallets are used as floors, walls, ceilings and cladding and this round design eliminated some of the expensive wood beam structures. This provides insulation, and provide shelter even in drastically fluctuating temperatures.

4. Antique Silverware as Jewelry

These rings made from repurposed silverwear. Each of these spoon rings and fork bracelets has been individually designed, crafted, and polished into unique jewelry by artist John Marchello. John specializes in transforming ordinary silverware into the remarkable creations.

5. Camera made from a 150 year old skull

This is a really bizarre and dark eco product. Hands down, this pin hole skull camera crafted by sculpture artist Wayne Martin Belger is the spookiest thing I have ever seen. The piece, entitled Third Eye, is part of a small collection of eerie photography equipment made from metal, precious stones, and human remains.

The device works by briefly exposing film inside the skull, there are no lenses, battery powered flashes, or any ability to zoom in on a subject. Belger says he prefers this low-tech photo capturing method, because it’s the most “true representation of a segment of light and time – a pure reflection of what is at that moment.”He also states that each camera is intended to relate to a specific subject to be photographed; in the above case it is a grave site. As intended, the sepia-toned, blurry photos taken with the camera give on-lookers a chilling feeling, along with an appreciation for the odd and beautifully dark imagery.

According to Belger “the skull was from a med students study kit in 1900. Then for about a hundred years it lived in an attic in England. As far as respect for Human remains, I have respect for all of natures remains and honor them so. I spent a great deal of time in South East Asia, so I do lean toward Eastern views. The skull is the “left overs” of the soul and is a honored part of nature. It should be respected as an animal skull, an insect skull or a leaf. I think when you put humans and their remains above all other forms of nature, the separation allows for the thoughtless elitist easy destruction of nature. Ya get things like animals hunted to extinction, burning rain forest and oil spills… BTW the use of human remains in art is an old, wide sped tradition. Tibetans would carve skulls and do beautiful inlay work. They would also make flutes from human femurs.”

So there everyone, there are numerous ways to make eco-friendly sustainable work!


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