5 Fav’s

14 Dec

Needle Felting

Needle felting was very therapeutic.  The tactile sensation of the creation process is as satisfying as the resulting piece.  Matt has just shown us where this technique can go within the classroom.  I’m sure I’m not the only one planning to use this in the classroom after Matt’s presentation.  Needle felting can be fun, collaborative, and almost anyone can do it.  I’ll be making a needle felting lesson over the break to use in Apprentice Teaching.


Our dance workshop was cut a bit short.  I wish we could have expanded on our dance experience. I sometimes wish I would have gotten more into dance.  A friend of mine was reluctantly dragged to a dance class a couple years ago by his, then, girlfriend.  Next thing I know, he’s becoming an instructor (incidentally, he left his girlfriend and began dating all his female coworkers).  All his philandering aside, my friend fell into sweet gig.  Tragically, SAIC has given up on the dance department, which is threatening the Tai Chi and Yoga classes as well.  Dance, and Martial Arts workshops and pay-as-you-go classes have been springing up throughout this semester in response.  Support them if you get the chance.

Treehouse Architecture

Let’s all run away and live in a tree!  I like the idea of having the option in my back-pocket of running away and hiding from the structure of the developed world.  From the time I first heard about tree houses being used as viable living spaces years ago, I’ve been intrigued about discovering the potential of an actual Ewok lifestyle.  Learning about Terunobu Fujimori, David Greenberg, and others gives hope to my desire to one day escape the urban subterfuge. We should all aspire to get off the grid, because cutting off the Hog’s food supply is the quickest way to affect change.

Organic Architecture

Vertical gardens, rooftop gardens, the designs of Ken Yeang etc. inspire me to wonder about the potentials of my classroom.  I often wonder how far I will be able to take the design of my classroom.  I would like to work with my students to build and create organic structures inside and outside of the school building.  In fact I am a bit opposed to the standard school building in general, because of the incredible cost of building and operating these structures.  I’m willing to bet a school could afford to fund a full schedule of field trips and on site workshops if it were to forgo the glut of a building.  But, that’s just my fantasy. While conforming to the standard, and meeting my students within the classroom, I hope to implement as much nature experience as I can.


I just like getting to eating food in class, really.  But, all the foods were helpful to learn about, and generally inspired us to be healthy.  I hope I can inspire my students to be more health conscious, and their diet is key place to start.  We’re all going to need to be on top of our game as teachers, and eating right is going to be essential to keeping up with the rigors of classroom and student demands.  Plus we need to understand and be able to recognize it when our students are struggling, because of a poor diet or a lack of nourishment.  Having the resources to advocate for a proper diet is fundamental to a strong foundation of healthy learning.



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