15 Dec

The things that stand out in my mind most (MY  FIVE FAVORITES ):

1) “Italian food and Electronics”

I liked Roxanna’s workshop– the day we did the Italian cooking and the electronics. I liked it because it was the first food work shop we did which opened up the door for other great food work shops. I also just think it was cool for everyone to get to eat food together, learn a new recipe, and share Roxy’s love of cooking. I think she did a great job at letting us participate and was funny and charming as we all watched and listened to her. For me, the electronics intro was also really great becuase I would never in a million years look into that kind of stuff on my own time, so it opened up the possibilities of electronics for me and presented something I haven’t thought much about. It was pretty great just to see how excited Roxy got about electronics too!

2) “Belly Dancin’ it up!”

I  enjoyed the belly dancing lesson. I thought it was cool of Rachel to bring in all those fun belly dancing costumes for us and actually let us wear them. It was even more fun to see the dudes wear ’em and break down those gender roles, lol!!! It was nice to actually get a lesson of the dancing moves too. Best best of all tho, I think it was fun to watch Rachel “shake it”  because she knew what she was doin’! Whenever somebody gives so much of them self to the class and lets you in on something personal and dear to them, that takes guts and I gotta give you props for that Rachel!!
3) “pottery and performance …”

I liked the time we did the poetry with Simon and Amy. It was nice to hear other people’s writing styles and watch them get up and read their stuff. Poetry is a pretty cool thing to bring into the classroom and I think I need to remember that because I usually don’t… That was also the day Jean did her crazy performance–“Ooooh, you so crazy, Jean!” But, if anything I guess it was all performance after all and a reminder that anything can happen in a classroom.

4) ” Favorite artists!!”

I learned so much from the favorite artist blog posts. I thought it was silly to try to pick one favorite artist because we all love so many artists, but it was a good assignment in the end because it gave me so many ideas and I got to see people I didn’t know of. Everybody brought in cool people and many of them I was not even familiar with…Like Ali’s dude, the guy that did the Katy Perry video and made the gingerbread houses and stuff; he was awesome!  How you always come up with such cool *@%$, Ali!? Anyway, it was also really great how we later have been able to see some of those favorite artist presentations go full circle because a lot of us have used many of those artists to do our lesson plans… So, good job to all of us!

5) “Community!”

This class was seemingly very based of this idea. Through the sharing and presenting of things we are interested in to the commiserating about all we have to do and the conversations we had as a class. Everything we did formed us into a community. Our common interest of going through this program and getting through it together has brought us closer together as a group. I am not trying to be cheesy, but for real, I really do think that the community aspect of the class was nice and often heart warming at times…  🙂

The end!

Thanks for a great semister Cultural Approaches to Production!


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