Architecture links from reading analysis

15 Dec

View the Chris Jordan lecture here:

Project about gender in Art and Architecture:

Artists: Daiva Gauryte (Liverpool, UK) and Kofi Fosu (New York, US).
The programme explores the issues of gender in the concept of art and architecture. To analyse the theoretical and multi-disciplinary approaches of gender in relation to particular architectural sites, ideas and projects of how space is defined by gender practices, power and vision, masculinity and femininity and different parameters of spatiality, including cyberspace, as well the physical world of various architecture and the human body. The outcome in collaborative research and mutual exchange evolved to present a digital video short by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney on Daiva Gauryte and Kofi Fosu.

Kofi Fosu Forson is an artist, performer, writer and philosopher on subjects of sexual, gender and ethnic politics in modern society, culture and arts. As musician he has written pop songs and jazz songs for various theatrical and rock and roll performances. He has served as playwright with The Riant Theater, where he participated in The Strawberry Festival and wrote and directed showcases based on variations of male/ female politics, artist and muse, as well as dramatizations of ethnicity. Since his directorial debut at Heaven, performance space, Fosu has gone on to exhibit his paintings. This began with Fosu’s Muse Series at Eickholt Gallery, where he also participated in group shows. As Press Coordinator, Fosu parlayed his role into helping develop Transvoyeur US, an art initiative in liason with Liverpool. Fosu has used this opportunity to start making digital films. First of which, CUSHION PILL, premiered in England. He’s currently a columnist with Whitehot Magazine. These blogs reflect Kofi’s philosophy of a modernist culture.


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