Amy’s Favorites

15 Dec

Overall, this class was important because it was (1) democratic, (2) partially focused on artmaking (which is lacking from our ArtEd department), and (3) allowed us to practice teaching skills to our peers.

1). Simon’s Styrofoam Etchings Workshop

Printmaking is my favorite media, but it can be expensive – using styrofoam for etching is a great solution. Simon also told me about a printmaking class where his professor had them use only their hands/bodies to make marks in styrofoam. I will be doing this markmaking exercise with first graders next semester.

2). Matt’s Animation Workshop

I have to do whole unit with puppets next semester with my second graders, and I am looking for ways to spruce it up. Stop motion animation will be perfect. I am also going to make flipbooks with my fifth graders who are working on a film.

3). I’m mad I missed: Jasmine’s Felting Workshop

I have heard a lot of people talk about Jasmine’s felting workshop – I was absent that day. Bummer. I guess I will have to teach myself! And I’m still dying to learn how to screenprint 😦

4). Food

Food obviously makes going to class more enjoyable. But I wasn’t sure how it could really help students until we saw that video on gardening during classes last week.

5). Blog Tutorial

I’m glad we have a record of our research that we can access after class is over.

AND I now have my own blog on 1970s interior design @


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