15 Dec

1.  Sketchbook Workshop

I loved Jennie’s workshop on making an easy sketchbook, I though it was great that she had all the materials she needed right in her backpack.  I will be using this lesson in both my elementary and high school placements or at least variations of it, as I think it is important for students to learn about sketchbooks and the importance of keeping a record of what you see, feel, hear and think.  I thought it was great that there was such as simple way to go about making a nice sketchbook that is truly your own.  I also loved all of the other binding techniques that were discussed especially Katie’s woven book thingy, Super Cool!


2.  Movement

Its always nice to get up and move around and for that reason I really enjoyed all of the workshops that involved movement.  My elementary placement teacher is also a gym teacher and its nice to learn about movement as art or how art can involve movement.  I loved learning how to belly dance and do Tai Chi, two things to mark off my bucket list.


3. Food

I am a big fan of food and then again who isn’t.  I think its important to discuss eating and more importantly eating healthy.  With kids downing so much bad food its good to take the time and discuss healthy alternatives or knowing where your food came from.  I love the fact that I was able to build on my knowledge of food and cooking by learning about foods that are simple to make and even better to enjoy. Both Roxanna’s risotto lesson and Irene’s spring roll lesson were fun and delicious. I never knew how easy either of these things would be to make and am glad that I now have the knowledge to do it myself.


4.  Artist’s

I always love hearing about or coming across a new artist.  It was great to learn about new artists that I have never heard of before but can now add to my list of references.  Hip-hop activism, Reverse graffiti, Daniel Johnston and many others are all artists that I plan to use in the coming months.  Its great to see what other people are looking at and what they find interesting.


5. Stop Motion Animation

I love animation but have never done it before and was excited to finally learn how.  This is another skill that I plan to utilize in my teaching for next semester.  I think this is a medium that most if not all kids can relate to as they all for the most part watch cartoons or animations and love the idea of allowing students to make their own.  I think that it is incredibly easy to do and yields great results.


-P.S.  I missed out on Jasmine’s felting lesson and am incredibly bummed out, but if I had been there it probably would have made the cut.


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