Five Favorite things

15 Dec

Needle Felting

I have wanted to learn needle felting for years, but I never got around to learning. This was a great workshop! I can see how I can apply this to the classroom though the way we were taught and by the lesson that Matt was able to do with his high school class.


I love to learn new dances and ways of moving the body. I really want to apply movement into my classroom and lessons. Moving before sitting down to work really helps me to focus, and wake up. I am sure that students would feel the same way.


Learning how to make different foods that are delicious in class was a major bonus. Everyone who cooked made it seem so easy to make delicious food that is healthy as well. I have not quite figured out how to bring that into the classroom, but the steps to cooking and the skills that it takes are similar to making different projects. I have definitely learned that through a recipe (step by step) art can be created in the classroom.


I will admit I groaned when I had to do the presentations each week, however, they were great for sharing resources. I really enjoyed hearing each person’s take on each assignment and where they found resources for their lessons and what art each person liked. I will defiantly bring all these resources into my classroom and in my lesson plans.

Drea’s great insight and resources

I really enjoyed hearing all the great projects that Drea has been a part of and the resources that she has. I especially enjoyed hearing and seeing the rooftop design project that she work with students to develop and present. I have definitely been inspired to bring planning and writing into the art classroom.


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