Great Resource

15 Dec

Here is a link to my absolute favorite resource online. I go here all the time for great contemporary artist. It is a gallery based in London that has a fantastic collection of contemporary artists from all over the world. The other amazing thing about this place is they have really helpful teacher resources for us to harvest ideas from. The last strength that i want to mention about this sight is the focus on social justice. Check it out on the educational tools there is a whole link devoted to social justice and activism!!!

Here is the link to their educational resources, you must check this out!

Here are a list of artist that are represented at the October Gallery this year.
Artists Represented by The October Gallery
Anatsui, El
Burroughs, William S
Cohen, Ira
Fathi, Golnaz
Foley, Fiona
Friedlander, Paul
Glover, Ablade
Gutsa, Tapfuma
Gysin, Brion
Hazoumè, Romuald
Hobson, Samantha
Jegede, E. Taiwo
Koraïchi, Rachid
Lalouschek, Elisabeth
Massoudy, Hassan
Lamothe, Frantz
Namok, Rosella
Okore, Nnenna
Quenum, Gérard
Rimondi, Francesco
Shawa, Laila
Sinzogan, Julien
Wilde, Gerald
Williams, Aubrey
Xu, Huang
Xu, Zhongmin
Yoshida, Kenji
Zulu, Sandile


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