Hansa’s five favorite things

15 Dec

1. Drea
I really enjoyed Drea’s teaching style. Thank you for teaching us.

2. Jasmine’s felting workshop
I’ve never worked with wool before and I really enjoyed obsessively working with wool to make a tangible art piece. Jasmine, you have no idea–you got me hooked on this!
I really enjoyed the whole photo-animation workshop. It was awesome the whole class got to participate and we were all engaged with it. It was fun.

3. Presentations
It was wonderful to learn from my classmates about things they were passionate about! Thanks for sharing. I learned A LOT.

4. Cooking
Food is always good in any event. Roxanna rocked at making risotto and we all know how much we enjoyed Irene’s spring rolls.

5. Blog
What a great idea and an incredible resource for us now and after we leave this class.


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