15 Dec

uno.  felting/sewing- i’ve never felted and it was awesome.  i loved seeing what matt did with it in his lesson, and i want to do more!  i was also inspired to do a sewing lesson for fieldwork.  i’m really getting into this.  thanks for the inspiration.  dos.  stop motion photo animation- the final outcome of this was so cool!  i’m not very good with super technical stuff, but i’d love to explore this more.  i miss photography.

tres.  tai chi and snowboarding- i gotta find a yoga studio.  i’m ready to hit the mountain and reclaim devil’s head who broke my arm last year!

quatro.  art therapy or whatever you want to call it-talking with images:  i loved the story that kent and i made.  the experience of creating the narrative in my head together with him but without words and only images was a great experience.

cinco.  graffiti- making my own name/tag/signature.  i plan to use it in the future.

i am also happy that we were able to attend the event at Intuit Gallery.  thanks to Drea for allowing that to happen!!!

the cooking workshops were great as well.  who doesn’t like food.  yummmm

also had fun dancing!  i’m no good at it, but it was fun anyway.


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