My Favorite Five! Or Six…

15 Dec

1) I really enjoyed all the food we enjoyed in this class. Specifically, I really loved Roxanna’s risotto and Irene’s spring rolls. They were something unique from them and now we can make them too!

2) I LOVED making our video using our motion photographs. It was really fun and made us into a community that worked together for a common goal.

3) I loved using a class to go to Intuit and hang out with our peers, it was a great opportunity to do something we should continue doing as we behin our careers as teachers.

4) The printmaking workshop Jen and Kent did where we made t-shirts was a ton of fun too. I have always wanted to make a bunch of t-shirts using random ideas I get and now I can. I also got to keep a shirt which will remind me of how much fun we had in this class.

5) The people. I think it’s obvious that the reason we had so much fun in this class is because of Drea and all the students who make up this community. We all had so many informative studios, we had a sense of humor, and we genuinely have bonded as a class. I’m going to miss seeing everyone and getting to be a community when we start student teaching.

6) The video Ali showed that had the slow motion photography with the Cinematic Orchestra song in the background. I love that song, it’s so heartfelt and emotional.


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