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Matt’s 5 faves

15 Dec

1)  Studios – literally helped me make a lesson already

2) guest speakers – always great to hear from those who do.

3) Blog – a great place to find everything we have worked on

4) sharing – I loved sharing my skills and learning all of yours

5) readings


The Apple’s of Ali’s Eye: Five of My Favorite Presentations

15 Dec

Jeannette’s Warm Up Workshop:

I loved starting the class off by doing a warm up exercise that focuses the mind (imagination) and body. I think classes should begin with an activity that calms people down in order to get them to focus on the upcoming assignments. Awesome workshop!

Amy’s Favorite Artist and Lesson Plan:

I thought it was a really unique that Amy’s favorite artist is Yoko Ono. I like that she included Ono’s book, Grapefruit, where Ono works through text and writes instructions for works of art. I am going to use this book as inspiration for one of my future lesson plans.

Here are some of Ono’s instructions:


Think that snow is falling. Think that snow is falling everywhere all the time. When you talk with a person, think
 that snow is falling between you and on the person. 
 Stop conversing when you think the person is covered by snow.


Imagine one thousand suns in the sky at the same time. 
 Let them shine for one hour. Then, let them gradually melt into the sky. Make one tuna fish sandwich and eat.

I was also really impressed by Amy’s lesson plan on Sol LeWitt’s instructions for second and third grades where she made “art recipes” for students to follow.

Simon’s Os Gêmeos (“Ose Zhe’-mee-ose.”) ”THE TWINS”: “It is often said that twins have a special connection, or even a language that only they understand. If this is indeed the case, Os Gemeos’s is manifested in what they refer to as “Tritrez” an imaginary place known only to them, where their playful yellow-faced characters come from.” “We are both part of one World: our world. We paint together always — the characters, background and letters. Sometimes, on some works we divide the piece so that one completes what the other one starts. We remember things and all of those things are materializing. Telepathy … we think maybe sometimes the silence says more.” (-Os Gemeos)

Jennie’s Architecture for Children: I love the idea of making architecture that is suited for children. If a teacher could pull of a “fort making” art lesson using architecture as its subject that would be absolutely incredible. Jennie added a great source called “Where the Wild Things Are” (my favorite children’s book) that children are very interested in. I really liked that Jennie included a link showing the winners of the fort-making contest. Here is the link:

Roxanna’s Italian Food Workshop: Roxanna knows this already but I found her workshop to be very inspirational. She made cooking look fun and easy even for beginners. I loved that she showed up in an apron, did a Julia Child impression and came prepared with all of her food. Her dish tasted wonderful as well. Bon appetit!



27 Oct

Contemporary Non-Western Artist
(Sound and Vision Artist)

Cornelius (born as Keigo Oyamada) is a sound and video artist from Japan who has been producing albums out of Japan since the 1990’s. His music harmonizes and blends electronic tones, samples from pop music and culture as well as sounds found in nature and is considered “experimental and exploratory” ( In 2003, he was ranked at number 43 in a list of Japan’s top 100 musicians by HMV.

The music of Cornelius could be described as experimental and exploratory, and often incorporates dissonant elements alongside more familiar harmonically “pleasing” sounds. This tension, plus his practice of bringing in sounds and samples from mass culture, pure electronic tones, and sounds from nature (such as on his Point album), lead him to being sometimes categorized as an “acquired taste.”

Not only is Cornelius’s music compelling, the videos he creates to accompany his sound create an environment that envelops the listener/viewer, drawing them into and sometimes making them feel directly involved with the piece. His most recent album, Sensuous, is particularly successful in creating a sound environment while other albums have a more produced feeling of song that has been compared to the American musician, Beck, who, along with The Beach Boys, The Beastie Boys, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Primal Scream, have been influences in the development of his music. These diverse influences attributes to the wide variety of samples found in his work. Looking at the history of music videos and of animation, Cornelius produces very polished digital videos that easily find their place amongst other contemporary video producers including Michael Gondry and Spike Jonze.

Watch this youtube video of Cornelius’ Breezin’ video:

From an educational standpoint, I would have students make an advertisement using video. They could slow down or speed up any advertisement and compile the video with a song or sound of their choice. Here is an example of what I would like students to create:

Attached is the powerpoint I used during my presentation.

Dubai’s Designs

20 Oct

Dubai is located on the northern tip of the United Arab Emerites on the Persian Gulf. The rather small city has a population of 1.6 million people and a $37 billion USD economy based largely on trade, manufacturing and financial services. With a focus on business and tourism, the city is ramping up construction on an unprecedented level. In fact, Dubai is said to be home to 15% to 25% of the world’s 125,000 construction cranes. The city has gained world-wide attention in the past few years because of its booming economy and ambitious architectural projects.

Burj Al Arab:

These proposed projects are destined to change the face of global architecture.

Architect David Fisher is the designer of the ‘DaVinci Rotating Tower’, one of the most innovative an unique buildings to be built in Dubai. The 250 meter tower will allow each floor to rotate freely allowing the building to shift its shape. In between each floor horizontal wind turbines will allow the building to produce energy.

Trump Hotel – Real estate mogul Donald Trump is also part of the architectural plans of Dubai, along with Nakheel Hotels he plans to build a 255 meter ‘Trump Hotel’ on a man-made island in Dubai. With 60 stories, the 5 star hotel will also house some luxury apartments. the building has been designed by Atkins Architects.

The design for Abu Dhabi’s Performing Arts Center was conceived of by Zaha Hadid. the building is meant to house music, theatre and dance, located on Saadiyat Island along with the New Louvre and Guggenheim Museum’s. the Island was intended to be a ‘beacon for cultural experience and exchange’ by Abu Dhabi’s ruler, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan.

‘Dubai Towers’ is the centerpiece for the large ‘Lagoons’ development. the buildings and the development were all conceived of by TVS. The four towers range in size from 54 to 97 floors and were inspired by the flames and movement of candlelight.

‘The Apeiron Hotel’ will be a 7-star hotel built on an island off of Dubai. The arched 185 meter tall hotel will cost $500 million USD. It will have 350 luxury suites that will only be accessible by yacht and helicopter. Designed by Sybarite UK, the hotel features its own lagoon, beaches, cinemas and at gallery.

Will Cotton Powerpoint

24 Sep