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Fave Five – Blythe

15 Dec
Hearing everyone’s favorite artists: this event in particular is a favorite because i was able to learn about so many artists that i didn’t know before, all though the class in general was such a fantastic resource for random useful information.
Jasmine’s Needle Felting: wow, something i NEVER thought i would get into. but now i am addicted! 🙂
Cooking: what can i say, i made Roxy’s rissotto the other night.
Going to see the lecture on To Teach, and almost having class at my apartment. it’s really nice to shake things up a little and get away from school 🙂
About shaking things up: belly dancing. totally fun and informitave.
Most importantly: i think we had some great discussions in class, even when they got a little heated. class discussions are my favorite thing about having a class to belong to, some heated discussion is sometimes the best way to remember what was discussed. and yes, i consider my self a Chicagoan.

Ken Yeang

20 Oct

Hong Kong

Ken Yeang is an ecologist, author and a respected architect. He is best known for his “bioclimatic skyscrapers,” environmentally conscious high-rise buildings. Being an ecologist is essential, he believes, to his work as an architect because “the ecologist has a much more comprehensive and holistic view of the world.” Ken Yeang endeavors to connect the human built environment more closely to nature.

Integration Philosophies:

Physical- how a building relates to the physical area, plants, topography

Systematic-using water responsibly, etc. for less waste (ideally no waste)

Temporal- integrating the rate we use resources



Fusionopolis is a 15-story building will be 1.4 Km high, and boast of a ‘green infrastructure.’ The building will be home to the longest continuous vertical stretch of vegetation of any building in the world. A vertical spine of planting will rise up through the building, and landscaped garden terraces will be located on each floor of the building. The vegetation will help in passive cooling and insulation. The vegetation will also improve the sense of well being of the residents.

Natural daylight will be directed into the building interior by prisms which deflect the sunlight as it hits them. The drainage and irrigation system will also integrated green features. The whole building will function as an ecosystem, and strive to strike a balance between the organic and inorganic elements so as to make the building work like a living system.



Malika Agueznay

6 Oct

Contemporary Moroccan Artist

Malika Agueznay’s paintings feature intricate interweaving and overlapping organic forms which she calls “algae.” Her work is often abstract, and sometimes representational, but always full of movement.

She is greatly influenced by Arabic script and calligraphy, which used traditionally to beautifully decorate Moroccan architecture.  Her “algae” forms often feature stylized Arabic script of her own shape and design. When she uses this script it is always with the same five words: Peace, Love, Compassion, Modesty and Generosity.

Malika Agueznay began using these words in her art as she felt the traditional Moroccan values these words represent  are being eroded in of her country’s contemporary culture .

Her work is about the profound messages of beauty, sincerity and gentleness.


  • educated at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Casablanca
  • has exhibited works in solo and group exhibitions since 1986 in Morocco, USA, Japan, Syria, Tunisia, Paris, Poland, Spain, and Iraq
  • works in oil on canvas and etchings