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Jeannette’s 5 Blissful Memories

15 Dec

These memories will assist me in my teaching and will forever remind me of the wonderful friends and colleagues I made

5. Carolyn’s Drawing conversations
4. Learning random facts
3. Roxy’s fudge dessert
2. Hearing everyone’s 5 favorite artist
1. Laughing and picking on each other


Great Resource

15 Dec

Here is a link to my absolute favorite resource online. I go here all the time for great contemporary artist. It is a gallery based in London that has a fantastic collection of contemporary artists from all over the world. The other amazing thing about this place is they have really helpful teacher resources for us to harvest ideas from. The last strength that i want to mention about this sight is the focus on social justice. Check it out on the educational tools there is a whole link devoted to social justice and activism!!!

Here is the link to their educational resources, you must check this out!

Here are a list of artist that are represented at the October Gallery this year.
Artists Represented by The October Gallery
Anatsui, El
Burroughs, William S
Cohen, Ira
Fathi, Golnaz
Foley, Fiona
Friedlander, Paul
Glover, Ablade
Gutsa, Tapfuma
Gysin, Brion
Hazoumè, Romuald
Hobson, Samantha
Jegede, E. Taiwo
Koraïchi, Rachid
Lalouschek, Elisabeth
Massoudy, Hassan
Lamothe, Frantz
Namok, Rosella
Okore, Nnenna
Quenum, Gérard
Rimondi, Francesco
Shawa, Laila
Sinzogan, Julien
Wilde, Gerald
Williams, Aubrey
Xu, Huang
Xu, Zhongmin
Yoshida, Kenji
Zulu, Sandile

Five Favorites!

15 Dec

I can’t believe we are done! Wow, what a semester. We are still alive, good job everyone!!!
My five favorite classes would be, in no special order…
1) Ali your posts on Contemporary Non-Western Artist (Sound and Vision Artist) Cornelius, so beautiful and i just remember being so impressed with his work that i went away showing so many people this artist and all that you posted about this artist!

2) I loved Sharing our favorite artists in general. It was great to see what everyone was interested in, i felt like it said a lot about the person and was a great way for us to get to know one another as well. In the end i think i will take with me so many great artist references just from this one day in class when we all got the chance to share our favorite artist!
3) Roxanna and Irene,
Ladies you made some killer food! Thank you so much for bringing in such delightful recipes for us all to use in the future! It is so great that we got the chance to eat together and laugh. I so enjoyed watching these two ladies put on the Julia Child’s hat and show us how to cook. Roxanna your impersonation was golden, ha!
4) I really loved it when we had our visiting artist come in that Drea worked with in Brazil. It was nice to hear from a mural artist who has done so many things with the community of Chicago as well as abroad. I would love to get involved more with projects like this in the future. As many of you may know my future hubby is a mural artist and does work all over as well, so when i saw this artists work i was so excited to share what i heard with Chris.
5) I loved 3 of the workshops so i am putting them all as a tied single entry! Simon and all involved in the symbol lesson when we made the prints on the paper etc. was so great. I walked away with art work as well as a fun lesson idea in the future with students.
Katie your book making lesson as well as Jenny you lesson on journal/book making were super fun. I really liked getting to make these books and then collage into them! So much fun.
Last but not least Rachelle! You are so great girl! Way to shake it!! It was so much fun dancing that night as well as the photo lesson that we did after with David and Anna that was also fun. Over all i am coming away with a lot of fond memories of you all.

Organic Architecture of Patric Blanc

20 Oct

The Vertical Garden is composed of three parts: a metal frame, a PVC layer and felt. The metal frame is hung on a wall or can be self-standing. It provides an air layer acting as a very efficient thermic and phonic isolation system. A 1cm thick PVC sheet is then riveted on the metal frame. This layer brings rigidity to the whole structure and makes it waterproof. After that comes a felt layer made of polyamide that is stapled on the PVC. This felt is corrosion-resistant and its high capillarity allows a homogeneous water distribution. The roots are now growing on this felt.

Watering is provided from the top with the tap water being supplemented with nutrients. The process of watering and fertilisation is automated. The whole weight of the ‘Vertical Garden’, including plants and metal frame, is lower than 30 kg per square meter. Thus the Vertical Garden can be implemented on any wall without any size or limitation of height.

The Vertical Garden as it is known in English, is something closer to a living painting than to a garden. Actually I named it le mur vegetal, meaning vegetal wall. I’m a scientist, a botanist and the Vertical Garden is derived from many observations I made in natural places mostly in tropical areas for more than 30 years now…

My scientific approach is essential for designing the whole system and for selecting the plant species suitable for each peculiar location.

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13 Oct

ACID RAIN: RETHINK- Contemporary Art And Climate Change, Copenhagen

Hip Hop Activism

13 Oct

X Plastaz Swahili rap/ hip hop from Africa

  South African Hip Hop  Mr. Devious, For the People (still breathing)

Mr. Devious Trailer More than a filmmaker, Byron Hurt is an anti-sexist activist who provides cutting-edge male leadership, expert analysis, keynote addresses, and workshop facilitation in the field of sexual and gender violence prevention and education.

-Looking at the hip hop activism of Africa, South African Hip Hop Activist Mr. Devious anti gangsterism. Using Hip Hop as a platform for positive change…

-taking that and applying it to Hip Hop in America, how are men and women portrayed, what it the message that is being portrayed in the music. How can we change that message… This is a pdf. of Byron Hurts resource guide for Beyon Beats.

Artist that are related to this would be Mustafa Maluka.  Here is a web sight that he founded

Hip-hop culture which on the Cape Flats can be traced back to the Eighties and groups such as Prophets of da City and Black Noise, which are still involved in grassroots activity with youngsters — has been the saviour for many people in ghettos filled with button-smoking-induced apathy and gangsterism. Maluka feels it instilled in him a “do-it-yourself attitude”, which saw him hold his first solo exhibition (Melanin Millennium) at the Mau-Mau Gallery in Cape Town in 1997. But it wasn’t just hip-hop. Maluka points to a politically conscious family and a father who started off as a bricklayer and is now a teacher studying towards his doctorate as further inspiration: “My father was the person who taught me about social constructions, this was before I even knew what it was. Then I started doing my own research and started reading philosophy, psychology, cognitive dissidence, which in some ways have led me to the themes I examine now.” (taken from a blog on Maluka,

C5 Inner city camp

This is just a sort of random video of a Camp in Boston for kids, there is one interveiw with a young boy on here that talks about gang violence and it is really strong. Basically i think it is just a tag off of Byron Hurt, raising up youth that can be good leaders and positivly give back to their community etc.This is more a picture of what i think we can do in the classroom with our students, give them a place to be safe, a place where they know they are cared for and important etc.

24 Sep


24 Sep

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