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15 Dec

uno.  felting/sewing- i’ve never felted and it was awesome.  i loved seeing what matt did with it in his lesson, and i want to do more!  i was also inspired to do a sewing lesson for fieldwork.  i’m really getting into this.  thanks for the inspiration.  dos.  stop motion photo animation- the final outcome of this was so cool!  i’m not very good with super technical stuff, but i’d love to explore this more.  i miss photography.

tres.  tai chi and snowboarding- i gotta find a yoga studio.  i’m ready to hit the mountain and reclaim devil’s head who broke my arm last year!

quatro.  art therapy or whatever you want to call it-talking with images:  i loved the story that kent and i made.  the experience of creating the narrative in my head together with him but without words and only images was a great experience.

cinco.  graffiti- making my own name/tag/signature.  i plan to use it in the future.

i am also happy that we were able to attend the event at Intuit Gallery.  thanks to Drea for allowing that to happen!!!

the cooking workshops were great as well.  who doesn’t like food.  yummmm

also had fun dancing!  i’m no good at it, but it was fun anyway.


Architecture for Personal Space, Installation, and Children…

20 Oct


Takasugi-an roughly translates as “tea house that’s too high.”

architect Terunobu Fujimori with his work Takasugi-an in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

[“the ultimate personal architecture.”  Its extreme compactness … makes it feel as though it were an extension of one’s body, “like a piece of clothing.”]

-taken from the dezeen design website

here is a video of Fujimori talking about his work.  unfortunately the video is not in English, but you can still get a sense of the tea house and what it is like to climb the ladder and go inside.  at one point in the video Fujimori shakes the tea house and gets a nervous laugh from the film crew.  i think he gets a kick out of it. 🙂


Land(e)scape by Marco Casagrande and Sami Rintala

A dramatic architectural installation designed to draw attention to the plight of the Finish countryside.

[click the picture to link to a blog with more info]

Casagrande & RintalaMarco Casagrande and Sami Rintala – was a Finnish architect and artist group producing architectonic installations 1998 – 2003 for international venues of contemporary architecture and art. Their works move in-between architecture and environmental art. [1] -taken from wikipedia

here is a video of the Slaughter Carnival. The burning of the architectonic installation Land(e)scape by Marco Casagrande & Sami Rintala. The work of cross-over architecture worn the Architectural Review´s Emerging Architecture 1999 2nd prize. Choreography and performance by Reijo Kela. Casagrande & Rintala, Savonlinna, Finland 1999.



FORT CONTEST! (too bad we missed it by a year 😦 )

MORE FORTS! (scroll down after you click the link… you’ll find more fort links there)

FORT VIDEO (ok, it’s the movie trailer, but it has two moments that show and talk about the fort)

what about a reading loft? or a literature castle…. has some ideas

blogger janis roseanne (she didn’t capitalize her name) writes “the reading loft is definitely inspired by the loft that was in my kindergarten classroom seventeen years ago.  somehow playing dress-up six feet above ground was a lot more fun than on ground level!

more gravity defying houses

can we agree to….

13 Oct

…post all notes in one place?  i’ve been checking the blog thinking no one is posting and then i discover that some comments are not public and can only be found under the dashboard comments section.

Twenty Years Ago…

6 Oct

the Berlin Wall fell

BREAKTHROUGH is an art organization with its inaugural project celebrating 20 years of German Unification

in their Mission Statement they say,

“Breakthrough Art Organization provides a platform for communication, collaboration, and motivation among artists around the globe who, through their art, aim to overcome economic, political, social, environment, health, personal and other challenges.

Breakthrough Art Organization facilitates educational outreach to students of all ages, and to the general public, by bringing them together with artists — physically and through the Breakthrough Art Organization’s website — to engage in a dialogue around the intersection of art with key values such as freedom of expression, courage, truth, optimism, endurance, commitment and risk-taking.”

the blog which includes a little more about what this group is about

the artists

ideas for curriculum

if you have time, watch this.  it is a film introducing the artists.  they have some interesting and meaningful things to share.  good for inspiring students.

as well, the npr article that led me to the organization has an audio file that tells the story.  worth listening to but to note: it repeats the written article.  i would suggest listening to the file instead of reading it.  it’s more fun that way.  🙂

Association for Experiential Education video

29 Sep

interview of Clifford Knapp (the guy who wrote about his adventures in teaching through community contexts…. chapter one from reading)