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Five Favorite things

15 Dec

Needle Felting

I have wanted to learn needle felting for years, but I never got around to learning. This was a great workshop! I can see how I can apply this to the classroom though the way we were taught and by the lesson that Matt was able to do with his high school class.


I love to learn new dances and ways of moving the body. I really want to apply movement into my classroom and lessons. Moving before sitting down to work really helps me to focus, and wake up. I am sure that students would feel the same way.


Learning how to make different foods that are delicious in class was a major bonus. Everyone who cooked made it seem so easy to make delicious food that is healthy as well. I have not quite figured out how to bring that into the classroom, but the steps to cooking and the skills that it takes are similar to making different projects. I have definitely learned that through a recipe (step by step) art can be created in the classroom.


I will admit I groaned when I had to do the presentations each week, however, they were great for sharing resources. I really enjoyed hearing each person’s take on each assignment and where they found resources for their lessons and what art each person liked. I will defiantly bring all these resources into my classroom and in my lesson plans.

Drea’s great insight and resources

I really enjoyed hearing all the great projects that Drea has been a part of and the resources that she has. I especially enjoyed hearing and seeing the rooftop design project that she work with students to develop and present. I have definitely been inspired to bring planning and writing into the art classroom.


Plastic Bag Yarn

20 Nov

Dome Homes

20 Oct

Domes have been used through out history and all over the world. They have been used as houses in Africa, the top of a church and now even as environmental homes.

Domes have been used through out history and all over the world. They have been used as houses in Africa, the top of a church and now even as environmental homes.

Dome houses have been built in the Untied States as an environmental effort since the 1970 with the Natural Spaces Dome Company. The company bases the construction of the homes off of triangles, which are one of the strongest structures, as the company brags.

This house was able to survive a direct hit from hurricane Ivan!

In Japan a new dome house has been developed and put into production a dome house that can be built in a week by two or three people, the homeowner and his friends. The house is made of 100% expanded polystyrene foam. The sections of the house snap together. The company brags that the house construction material has many advantages over conventional wood and metal, the dome does not rust, rot, or attract termites. It is highly resistant to earthquakes and typhoons, and is coated with a flame retardant and will not emit toxic fumes in a fire.


Yue Minjun

6 Oct

Yue Minjun is a Chinese artist who has been working in China. He creates oil paintings of himself frozen mid-laughter in different places. He has been described as a part if the Chinese “Cynical Realist ” movement even though he rejects the label. He was inspired by the work of Geng Jianyi that he was in the “China/Avant Garde” show in Beijing. Soon after that in the early 1990s he was part of an artist community at Yuan Ming Yuan, on the out skirts of Beijing. Artist from all over China, because of the cheap rent, built up the community from local farmers and it was far away from authorities that might censor the artists. However as the reputation of Yuan Ming Yuan became more known the authorities broke up the community. He moved to another outlaying area, Tongxian, with about 50 other artists, with the money from their painting sales that they were able to afford cars and traveling. The police have left them by themselves for the most part. He has become very popular outside of China and has been featured in many art shows all over the world including5th Shanghai Biennale, Mahjon at Kunstmuseum Bern and Xianfeng! at Beelden aan Zee museum in the Netherlands. He is represented by Art Beatus in Vancouver and Chinese Contemporary in Beijing and London.

Work of Geng Jianyi
Geng Jianyi

The work of Yue Minjun