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My top five!

16 Dec

Well, I really did love this class for a lot of reasons.

BUT, here are my top five favorite activities…

1. Self-portraits:  I thought this was a great way to get to know one another and the last day I had a really nice time thinking about how far we’ve come in our relationships we’ve developed.

2. ALL the workshops!!  I really did love every workshop and learned so much from everyone.  Ya’ll are my best resources.

3. Non-western contemporary artists.  I just thought these were interesting to learn about.

4. The blog!  Thanks, Matt!

5.  The spontaneity and organic-ness of the class was really nice and good way of teaching.  Thanks, Drea.


heart-felt portraits :)

16 Dec

Fave Five – Blythe

15 Dec
Hearing everyone’s favorite artists: this event in particular is a favorite because i was able to learn about so many artists that i didn’t know before, all though the class in general was such a fantastic resource for random useful information.
Jasmine’s Needle Felting: wow, something i NEVER thought i would get into. but now i am addicted! 🙂
Cooking: what can i say, i made Roxy’s rissotto the other night.
Going to see the lecture on To Teach, and almost having class at my apartment. it’s really nice to shake things up a little and get away from school 🙂
About shaking things up: belly dancing. totally fun and informitave.
Most importantly: i think we had some great discussions in class, even when they got a little heated. class discussions are my favorite thing about having a class to belong to, some heated discussion is sometimes the best way to remember what was discussed. and yes, i consider my self a Chicagoan.


15 Dec

In order of what remember first…

1..Jasmines felting!

I hope you know you’ve created a monster…a squish itchy monster…

2…book binding people! I always wanted to kearn the basics but didn’t want to spend 3 grand on a book binding class! thanks!! This was perfect!

3…simon and matt…styrafoam printing very useful! print making has alwys been intimidating for me thanks for making it so accessable! and i never thought i’d enjoy wood block!


i was having such an aweful day, the art therapy was such a vulnerable yet freeing experience! Thank you for sharing that with us!

5… roxanna I’m just jealous of you in general. (I say this with all the love in the world :P) your awesome! And how the frick do you manage to find time to cook for us on top of everything astounds me!

I’m going to miss this soo much! I feel like I’ve gotten so many amazing ideas from this class. And the fact that it’s all on a blog that i can refer to for the next forever is like tEh aWesoooome

Jeannette’s 5 Blissful Memories

15 Dec

These memories will assist me in my teaching and will forever remind me of the wonderful friends and colleagues I made

5. Carolyn’s Drawing conversations
4. Learning random facts
3. Roxy’s fudge dessert
2. Hearing everyone’s 5 favorite artist
1. Laughing and picking on each other

Matt’s 5 faves

15 Dec

1)  Studios – literally helped me make a lesson already

2) guest speakers – always great to hear from those who do.

3) Blog – a great place to find everything we have worked on

4) sharing – I loved sharing my skills and learning all of yours

5) readings

Architecture links from reading analysis

15 Dec

View the Chris Jordan lecture here:

Project about gender in Art and Architecture:

Artists: Daiva Gauryte (Liverpool, UK) and Kofi Fosu (New York, US).
The programme explores the issues of gender in the concept of art and architecture. To analyse the theoretical and multi-disciplinary approaches of gender in relation to particular architectural sites, ideas and projects of how space is defined by gender practices, power and vision, masculinity and femininity and different parameters of spatiality, including cyberspace, as well the physical world of various architecture and the human body. The outcome in collaborative research and mutual exchange evolved to present a digital video short by Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney on Daiva Gauryte and Kofi Fosu.

Kofi Fosu Forson is an artist, performer, writer and philosopher on subjects of sexual, gender and ethnic politics in modern society, culture and arts. As musician he has written pop songs and jazz songs for various theatrical and rock and roll performances. He has served as playwright with The Riant Theater, where he participated in The Strawberry Festival and wrote and directed showcases based on variations of male/ female politics, artist and muse, as well as dramatizations of ethnicity. Since his directorial debut at Heaven, performance space, Fosu has gone on to exhibit his paintings. This began with Fosu’s Muse Series at Eickholt Gallery, where he also participated in group shows. As Press Coordinator, Fosu parlayed his role into helping develop Transvoyeur US, an art initiative in liason with Liverpool. Fosu has used this opportunity to start making digital films. First of which, CUSHION PILL, premiered in England. He’s currently a columnist with Whitehot Magazine. These blogs reflect Kofi’s philosophy of a modernist culture.

My Favorite Five! Or Six…

15 Dec

1) I really enjoyed all the food we enjoyed in this class. Specifically, I really loved Roxanna’s risotto and Irene’s spring rolls. They were something unique from them and now we can make them too!

2) I LOVED making our video using our motion photographs. It was really fun and made us into a community that worked together for a common goal.

3) I loved using a class to go to Intuit and hang out with our peers, it was a great opportunity to do something we should continue doing as we behin our careers as teachers.

4) The printmaking workshop Jen and Kent did where we made t-shirts was a ton of fun too. I have always wanted to make a bunch of t-shirts using random ideas I get and now I can. I also got to keep a shirt which will remind me of how much fun we had in this class.

5) The people. I think it’s obvious that the reason we had so much fun in this class is because of Drea and all the students who make up this community. We all had so many informative studios, we had a sense of humor, and we genuinely have bonded as a class. I’m going to miss seeing everyone and getting to be a community when we start student teaching.

6) The video Ali showed that had the slow motion photography with the Cinematic Orchestra song in the background. I love that song, it’s so heartfelt and emotional.

Hansa’s five favorite things

15 Dec

1. Drea
I really enjoyed Drea’s teaching style. Thank you for teaching us.

2. Jasmine’s felting workshop
I’ve never worked with wool before and I really enjoyed obsessively working with wool to make a tangible art piece. Jasmine, you have no idea–you got me hooked on this!
I really enjoyed the whole photo-animation workshop. It was awesome the whole class got to participate and we were all engaged with it. It was fun.

3. Presentations
It was wonderful to learn from my classmates about things they were passionate about! Thanks for sharing. I learned A LOT.

4. Cooking
Food is always good in any event. Roxanna rocked at making risotto and we all know how much we enjoyed Irene’s spring rolls.

5. Blog
What a great idea and an incredible resource for us now and after we leave this class.

15 Dec

I thought it was really amazing to see this presentation on Trash Reincarnated where the Buddhist monks created structures out of recycled beer bottles. I thought this worked well with my presentation on Barney’s Green Holiday Windows. A great way to show how recycling can be a high form of art.

Jasmine’s needle felting was a neat lesson to learn. While I still have no idea what I will ever do with it, I think it was a great art form to learn. I really like how Matt used the idea to create a lesson for his high school. I think the figures turned out amazing and it looks like the students really enjoyed it.

Cornelius was an awesome artist to look at. I really loved his video’s and thought it was an amazing resource to have.

I think Dubai is a very interesting city and the architecture is amazing. I think the city is a piece of art within it’s self and this was a great topic to talk about in class.

I really liked looking at the idea of plant design as architecture, especially on the walls. I thought this was very interested and could be used in some neat ways.