15 Dec

uno.  felting/sewing- i’ve never felted and it was awesome.  i loved seeing what matt did with it in his lesson, and i want to do more!  i was also inspired to do a sewing lesson for fieldwork.  i’m really getting into this.  thanks for the inspiration.  dos.  stop motion photo animation- the final outcome of this was so cool!  i’m not very good with super technical stuff, but i’d love to explore this more.  i miss photography.

tres.  tai chi and snowboarding- i gotta find a yoga studio.  i’m ready to hit the mountain and reclaim devil’s head who broke my arm last year!

quatro.  art therapy or whatever you want to call it-talking with images:  i loved the story that kent and i made.  the experience of creating the narrative in my head together with him but without words and only images was a great experience.

cinco.  graffiti- making my own name/tag/signature.  i plan to use it in the future.

i am also happy that we were able to attend the event at Intuit Gallery.  thanks to Drea for allowing that to happen!!!

the cooking workshops were great as well.  who doesn’t like food.  yummmm

also had fun dancing!  i’m no good at it, but it was fun anyway.


Great Resource

15 Dec

Here is a link to my absolute favorite resource online. I go here all the time for great contemporary artist. It is a gallery based in London that has a fantastic collection of contemporary artists from all over the world. The other amazing thing about this place is they have really helpful teacher resources for us to harvest ideas from. The last strength that i want to mention about this sight is the focus on social justice. Check it out on the educational tools there is a whole link devoted to social justice and activism!!!

Here is the link to their educational resources, you must check this out!

Here are a list of artist that are represented at the October Gallery this year.
Artists Represented by The October Gallery
Anatsui, El
Burroughs, William S
Cohen, Ira
Fathi, Golnaz
Foley, Fiona
Friedlander, Paul
Glover, Ablade
Gutsa, Tapfuma
Gysin, Brion
Hazoumè, Romuald
Hobson, Samantha
Jegede, E. Taiwo
Koraïchi, Rachid
Lalouschek, Elisabeth
Massoudy, Hassan
Lamothe, Frantz
Namok, Rosella
Okore, Nnenna
Quenum, Gérard
Rimondi, Francesco
Shawa, Laila
Sinzogan, Julien
Wilde, Gerald
Williams, Aubrey
Xu, Huang
Xu, Zhongmin
Yoshida, Kenji
Zulu, Sandile

Five Favorites!

15 Dec

I can’t believe we are done! Wow, what a semester. We are still alive, good job everyone!!!
My five favorite classes would be, in no special order…
1) Ali your posts on Contemporary Non-Western Artist (Sound and Vision Artist) Cornelius, so beautiful and i just remember being so impressed with his work that i went away showing so many people this artist and all that you posted about this artist!

2) I loved Sharing our favorite artists in general. It was great to see what everyone was interested in, i felt like it said a lot about the person and was a great way for us to get to know one another as well. In the end i think i will take with me so many great artist references just from this one day in class when we all got the chance to share our favorite artist!
3) Roxanna and Irene,
Ladies you made some killer food! Thank you so much for bringing in such delightful recipes for us all to use in the future! It is so great that we got the chance to eat together and laugh. I so enjoyed watching these two ladies put on the Julia Child’s hat and show us how to cook. Roxanna your impersonation was golden, ha!
4) I really loved it when we had our visiting artist come in that Drea worked with in Brazil. It was nice to hear from a mural artist who has done so many things with the community of Chicago as well as abroad. I would love to get involved more with projects like this in the future. As many of you may know my future hubby is a mural artist and does work all over as well, so when i saw this artists work i was so excited to share what i heard with Chris.
5) I loved 3 of the workshops so i am putting them all as a tied single entry! Simon and all involved in the symbol lesson when we made the prints on the paper etc. was so great. I walked away with art work as well as a fun lesson idea in the future with students.
Katie your book making lesson as well as Jenny you lesson on journal/book making were super fun. I really liked getting to make these books and then collage into them! So much fun.
Last but not least Rachelle! You are so great girl! Way to shake it!! It was so much fun dancing that night as well as the photo lesson that we did after with David and Anna that was also fun. Over all i am coming away with a lot of fond memories of you all.

Five Favorite things

15 Dec

Needle Felting

I have wanted to learn needle felting for years, but I never got around to learning. This was a great workshop! I can see how I can apply this to the classroom though the way we were taught and by the lesson that Matt was able to do with his high school class.


I love to learn new dances and ways of moving the body. I really want to apply movement into my classroom and lessons. Moving before sitting down to work really helps me to focus, and wake up. I am sure that students would feel the same way.


Learning how to make different foods that are delicious in class was a major bonus. Everyone who cooked made it seem so easy to make delicious food that is healthy as well. I have not quite figured out how to bring that into the classroom, but the steps to cooking and the skills that it takes are similar to making different projects. I have definitely learned that through a recipe (step by step) art can be created in the classroom.


I will admit I groaned when I had to do the presentations each week, however, they were great for sharing resources. I really enjoyed hearing each person’s take on each assignment and where they found resources for their lessons and what art each person liked. I will defiantly bring all these resources into my classroom and in my lesson plans.

Drea’s great insight and resources

I really enjoyed hearing all the great projects that Drea has been a part of and the resources that she has. I especially enjoyed hearing and seeing the rooftop design project that she work with students to develop and present. I have definitely been inspired to bring planning and writing into the art classroom.

Miguel’s Top 5

15 Dec

1. https://culturemobile.wordpress.com/2010/10/20/anti-architect-david-greenberg/


2. http://adaptivereuser.blogspot.com/2010/07/trash-reincarnated.html


3. https://culturemobile.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/needel-feltingyo/


4. https://culturemobile.wordpress.com/2010/11/14/here-is-the-youtube-link-for-our-animated-photography/


5. https://culturemobile.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/antonio-gaudi-and-barcelona/

AH MAY ZINNG!! *in my Oprah voice*



15 Dec

1.  Sketchbook Workshop

I loved Jennie’s workshop on making an easy sketchbook, I though it was great that she had all the materials she needed right in her backpack.  I will be using this lesson in both my elementary and high school placements or at least variations of it, as I think it is important for students to learn about sketchbooks and the importance of keeping a record of what you see, feel, hear and think.  I thought it was great that there was such as simple way to go about making a nice sketchbook that is truly your own.  I also loved all of the other binding techniques that were discussed especially Katie’s woven book thingy, Super Cool!


2.  Movement

Its always nice to get up and move around and for that reason I really enjoyed all of the workshops that involved movement.  My elementary placement teacher is also a gym teacher and its nice to learn about movement as art or how art can involve movement.  I loved learning how to belly dance and do Tai Chi, two things to mark off my bucket list.


3. Food

I am a big fan of food and then again who isn’t.  I think its important to discuss eating and more importantly eating healthy.  With kids downing so much bad food its good to take the time and discuss healthy alternatives or knowing where your food came from.  I love the fact that I was able to build on my knowledge of food and cooking by learning about foods that are simple to make and even better to enjoy. Both Roxanna’s risotto lesson and Irene’s spring roll lesson were fun and delicious. I never knew how easy either of these things would be to make and am glad that I now have the knowledge to do it myself.


4.  Artist’s

I always love hearing about or coming across a new artist.  It was great to learn about new artists that I have never heard of before but can now add to my list of references.  Hip-hop activism, Reverse graffiti, Daniel Johnston and many others are all artists that I plan to use in the coming months.  Its great to see what other people are looking at and what they find interesting.


5. Stop Motion Animation

I love animation but have never done it before and was excited to finally learn how.  This is another skill that I plan to utilize in my teaching for next semester.  I think this is a medium that most if not all kids can relate to as they all for the most part watch cartoons or animations and love the idea of allowing students to make their own.  I think that it is incredibly easy to do and yields great results.


-P.S.  I missed out on Jasmine’s felting lesson and am incredibly bummed out, but if I had been there it probably would have made the cut.

The Apple’s of Ali’s Eye: Five of My Favorite Presentations

15 Dec

Jeannette’s Warm Up Workshop:

I loved starting the class off by doing a warm up exercise that focuses the mind (imagination) and body. I think classes should begin with an activity that calms people down in order to get them to focus on the upcoming assignments. Awesome workshop!

Amy’s Favorite Artist and Lesson Plan:

I thought it was a really unique that Amy’s favorite artist is Yoko Ono. I like that she included Ono’s book, Grapefruit, where Ono works through text and writes instructions for works of art. I am going to use this book as inspiration for one of my future lesson plans.

Here are some of Ono’s instructions:


Think that snow is falling. Think that snow is falling everywhere all the time. When you talk with a person, think
 that snow is falling between you and on the person. 
 Stop conversing when you think the person is covered by snow.


Imagine one thousand suns in the sky at the same time. 
 Let them shine for one hour. Then, let them gradually melt into the sky. Make one tuna fish sandwich and eat.

I was also really impressed by Amy’s lesson plan on Sol LeWitt’s instructions for second and third grades where she made “art recipes” for students to follow.

Simon’s Os Gêmeos (“Ose Zhe’-mee-ose.”) ”THE TWINS”: “It is often said that twins have a special connection, or even a language that only they understand. If this is indeed the case, Os Gemeos’s is manifested in what they refer to as “Tritrez” an imaginary place known only to them, where their playful yellow-faced characters come from.” “We are both part of one World: our world. We paint together always — the characters, background and letters. Sometimes, on some works we divide the piece so that one completes what the other one starts. We remember things and all of those things are materializing. Telepathy … we think maybe sometimes the silence says more.” (-Os Gemeos)

Jennie’s Architecture for Children: I love the idea of making architecture that is suited for children. If a teacher could pull of a “fort making” art lesson using architecture as its subject that would be absolutely incredible. Jennie added a great source called “Where the Wild Things Are” (my favorite children’s book) that children are very interested in. I really liked that Jennie included a link showing the winners of the fort-making contest. Here is the link: http://weloveyouso.com/2009/10/fort-contest-winners/

Roxanna’s Italian Food Workshop: Roxanna knows this already but I found her workshop to be very inspirational. She made cooking look fun and easy even for beginners. I loved that she showed up in an apron, did a Julia Child impression and came prepared with all of her food. Her dish tasted wonderful as well. Bon appetit!


Amy’s Favorites

15 Dec

Overall, this class was important because it was (1) democratic, (2) partially focused on artmaking (which is lacking from our ArtEd department), and (3) allowed us to practice teaching skills to our peers.

1). Simon’s Styrofoam Etchings Workshop

Printmaking is my favorite media, but it can be expensive – using styrofoam for etching is a great solution. Simon also told me about a printmaking class where his professor had them use only their hands/bodies to make marks in styrofoam. I will be doing this markmaking exercise with first graders next semester.

2). Matt’s Animation Workshop

I have to do whole unit with puppets next semester with my second graders, and I am looking for ways to spruce it up. Stop motion animation will be perfect. I am also going to make flipbooks with my fifth graders who are working on a film.

3). I’m mad I missed: Jasmine’s Felting Workshop

I have heard a lot of people talk about Jasmine’s felting workshop – I was absent that day. Bummer. I guess I will have to teach myself! And I’m still dying to learn how to screenprint 😦

4). Food

Food obviously makes going to class more enjoyable. But I wasn’t sure how it could really help students until we saw that video on gardening during classes last week.

5). Blog Tutorial

I’m glad we have a record of our research that we can access after class is over.

AND I now have my own blog on 1970s interior design @ supergraphicstrategies.wordpress.com

Five Faves

15 Dec

First five things that come to mind when I think back to class:

1. Ali’s favorite artist (the dessert obsessed guy) – everyone loves desserts!  i will definitely want to use him as a reference in the future.  Also, your last lesson was so great!  Thanks Ali!

2. Roxanna’s Italian food workshop – Roxie inspired me to do a food workshop with her Julia Child impression!  Even though I don’t normally cook very much, I had to, in order to prepare for my workshop.  And while I was doing it, I really did understand what Roxanna was talking about when she said she finds peace and creativity through cooking.  I enjoyed the small steps during the whole thing–how the food looks, the therapeutic effect of chopping and cutting, etc.  Thanks Roxanna!  For the classroom, I could think of so many different ways food can be incorporated–the role of food in culture, manners of eating in different cultures just to name a couple.

3. Jasmine’s favorite artist (the Japanese pop artist) – I used to have a slight obsession with Japanese culture a couple years ago, and I don’t know why I stopped, because it’s so interesting and there are so many ways to engage students in the art classroom through it.  I really appreciate Japanese aesthetics–traditional and contemporary.  Thanks for bringing it back for me, Jas!

4. Carolyn’s hip hop artist – I think I remember this especially because it was kind of unexpected to have Carolyn share about hip hop 🙂  Hip Hop activism is a good way to be relevant to kids but also in a positive way.  I think it could be a really good conversation to have about what messages are sent through mainstream hip hop and how music can be overturned and reinvented.

5. Drea’s rooftop garden project with students – it was cool to see the development of the project and i especially liked looking through the binder with the kids’ poems of themselves as a part of nature.  just to see the different stages/results of a real project was pretty inspirational!


15 Dec

The things that stand out in my mind most (MY  FIVE FAVORITES ):

1) “Italian food and Electronics”

I liked Roxanna’s workshop– the day we did the Italian cooking and the electronics. I liked it because it was the first food work shop we did which opened up the door for other great food work shops. I also just think it was cool for everyone to get to eat food together, learn a new recipe, and share Roxy’s love of cooking. I think she did a great job at letting us participate and was funny and charming as we all watched and listened to her. For me, the electronics intro was also really great becuase I would never in a million years look into that kind of stuff on my own time, so it opened up the possibilities of electronics for me and presented something I haven’t thought much about. It was pretty great just to see how excited Roxy got about electronics too!

2) “Belly Dancin’ it up!”

I  enjoyed the belly dancing lesson. I thought it was cool of Rachel to bring in all those fun belly dancing costumes for us and actually let us wear them. It was even more fun to see the dudes wear ’em and break down those gender roles, lol!!! It was nice to actually get a lesson of the dancing moves too. Best best of all tho, I think it was fun to watch Rachel “shake it”  because she knew what she was doin’! Whenever somebody gives so much of them self to the class and lets you in on something personal and dear to them, that takes guts and I gotta give you props for that Rachel!!
3) “pottery and performance …”

I liked the time we did the poetry with Simon and Amy. It was nice to hear other people’s writing styles and watch them get up and read their stuff. Poetry is a pretty cool thing to bring into the classroom and I think I need to remember that because I usually don’t… That was also the day Jean did her crazy performance–“Ooooh, you so crazy, Jean!” But, if anything I guess it was all performance after all and a reminder that anything can happen in a classroom.

4) ” Favorite artists!!”

I learned so much from the favorite artist blog posts. I thought it was silly to try to pick one favorite artist because we all love so many artists, but it was a good assignment in the end because it gave me so many ideas and I got to see people I didn’t know of. Everybody brought in cool people and many of them I was not even familiar with…Like Ali’s dude, the guy that did the Katy Perry video and made the gingerbread houses and stuff; he was awesome!  How you always come up with such cool *@%$, Ali!? Anyway, it was also really great how we later have been able to see some of those favorite artist presentations go full circle because a lot of us have used many of those artists to do our lesson plans… So, good job to all of us!

5) “Community!”

This class was seemingly very based of this idea. Through the sharing and presenting of things we are interested in to the commiserating about all we have to do and the conversations we had as a class. Everything we did formed us into a community. Our common interest of going through this program and getting through it together has brought us closer together as a group. I am not trying to be cheesy, but for real, I really do think that the community aspect of the class was nice and often heart warming at times…  🙂

The end!

Thanks for a great semister Cultural Approaches to Production!